Base rates

Most jobs are bid on an hourly basis with a cost cap. I do not bill for job scoping.

     Roel Hammerschlag, Principal
          501(c)(3) nonprofit or government:    $220/hour
          all other:    $220/hour
     support staff:    $90/hour

I occasionally partner with other professionals; these are billed through to you at their own customary rate, plus a 2% surcharge to cover Business & Occupation taxes and administrative expenses. If any such partners will be working on your job this will be clearly agreed upon beforehand in our MOU (see under “Contracts” below).

When I travel outside of western Washington for work, I bill 8 hours per day at my full rate, regardless of whether that time is spent flying, driving, or working. This includes the days flying out of and back into western Washington. Hotel and meal expenses are billed at the per diem rates published by the U.S. General Services Administration.


I invoice at the beginning of each month, for the work done over the prior month. (Except in the case of the GHG Management Starter Package, see below.) Payment is due 30 days after invoicing. Once any invoice is unpaid for 60 days or more, I stop work on the job until all outstanding invoices are paid. Each invoice is delivered as a PDF document via email; I will not submit invoices via web-based interfaces to proprietary accounting systems.


You and I will draft and sign a memorandum of understanding (MOU) that specifies the deliverables you expect, the timeline on which they are to be done, and our payment agreement. I don’t have the wherewithal to sue over a broken contract, so I will put significant effort into making the MOU crystal clear to both of us. Some larger clients prefer to use their own, standard contracts and I will work with those in the cases where the terms are reasonable, which is most of the time. Contracts that severely limit my ability to publish or repurpose work I have done for you will be billed at the Corporate rate listed above.

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