Hammerschlag LLC is a boutique consulting firm specializing in climate and energy policy analysis. Services include life-cycle analysis of fuels and fuel supply chains, econometric analyses of energy choices, interpretation of climate science for policymakers, development and execution of greenhouse gas inventories, and design of greenhouse gas reduction programs. Clients have included state and local governments, institutions of higher learning, national and international NGOs, utilities, and fuel suppliers.

GHG management starter package

If your organization is not yet a Hammerschlag LLC client, you can “get your feet wet” with GHG management, or improve on prior efforts at GHG management, with our GHG Management Starter Package, priced at $14,000 and including:

  1. A single year GHG inventory of your entire organization, compliant with the WRI/WBCSD GHG Protocol and ISO 14064-1. The inventory is delivered on a simple, transparent Microsoft Excel spreadsheet that your staff can use for future inventories. The spreadsheet is compliant with version 7.2 standards issued by the Spreadsheet Standards Review Board.
  2. One site visit (anywhere in the United States) by Hammerschlag LLC principal Roel Hammerschlag, at completion of the first revision of the GHG inventory. The site visit is for (a) making fine adjustments to the compiled GHG inventory; (b) training your staff for future, in-house inventory updates; and (c) facilitating decision-making regarding corporate GHG targets and reporting.
  3. A memo describing recommended GHG reduction targets following methodologies of the Science Based Targets Initiative.
  4. Preparation of the inventory data for submission to The Climate Registry, carbonn Climate Registry, or Carbon Disclosure Project.

To keep the price point low the Starter Package comes with some fine print, which you can find on our rates & terms page. Of course, you will be welcome to hire me for additional time to add inventory detail, design reduction projects, purchase GHG offsets, or engage in additional staff training. Interested? Give Roel Hammerschlag a call or email at the contact information below.

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