GHG inventory contribution analysis is a groundbreaking, new analysis technique that Hammerschlag LLC has been working to develop as a consultant to ICLEI USA, with funding from the U.S. Department of Energy. Contribution analysis requires the compilation of two inventories for the same jurisdiction, separated in time. Data from the two inventories are combined with ancillary weather, demographic, and economic data to allow a quantitative analysis of changes between the two, chosen inventory years. The contribution analysis identifies the primary drivers of change such as winter weather, growth in population, or changes in driving habits. Contribution analysis offers insights into the most appropriate and likely effective targets for GHG management.

ICLEI USA has developed an online toolkit supporting contribution analysis. Hammerschlag LLC is fluent with the components of this toolkit, and with other elements of contribution analysis, and can help you diagnose the drivers of change in your GHG inventory to whatever level of detail your datasets allow.

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